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Growing, buying, cultivating African violets? Check out these websites!   This is the African Violet Society of America website. Lots of information!  Lots of good information and lessons on this site.  Holtcamp Greenhouses must be the largest grower in the world! Optimaras are probably the plants you see in the grocery store and the hardware store. If you want the name of the plant you have, check out this site.   Great quality and lots of beautiful varieties. They are known for their lovely standards.

A big shout-out to Kelsey L., age 9, from South Carolina for sharing this link:
 "A Botanist Guide to African Violets"
In addition to the article there are also more links at the bottom of it!




San Mateo County African Violet Society

This is called a "trailer." You won't find this at your local hardware and garden store. You either have to pick up trailers from African Violet clubs or from commercial African Violet dealers. Trailers have multiple crowns and each crown can send out blooms, so the entire plant can become decked in flowers. Rob's has many semi-miniature trailers. 
Robs Humpty Doo is a semi-mini trailer.
Rob's Humpty Doo is a semi-mini trailer. Wouldn't that look lovely on your windowsill?
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